About Us


Quality Control Specialists was founded in March 2001 in Farr West Utah by Kirk Secrist and is currently operated by Kirk and all of his children.

QCS evolved from it's sister company Workforce Staffing Service. He found that many of Workforce Staffing customers had a need for an inspection company.

In 2001 Kirk decided that quality inspection was something that he would like to do.

We are currently providing warehousing and J.I.T delivery services for two manufacturing companies in Europe and one manufacturer in the US.

We have provided inspection services for over 82 different manufacturers around the world including the largest initiator plant in the world.


QCS Strongly believes in providing full disclosure and sorting reports to all party's involved. That is what makes us a true third party validation company.

QCS practices the Thinking People System or TPS. We provide weekly training to our associates and much more involved trainings to our supervisors.

By practicing TPS we have become experts in 5S and Visual Workplace Standards.

Our employee screening and trainig services are second to none.

We also have a state of the art database for inspection data that allows our customers unparralleled access to inspections as they are happening in real time.